Monday, January 26, 2009

TAGGED FOR A "ME ME" - It's All About Me

One of the best things about blogging is meeting other bloggers by visiting their sites, reading their posts and leaving a comment regarding their daily ruminations. One of the blogs I really enjoy reading is Southern Whimsy written by KD. She tagged me to play "ME ME" a few days ago, but unfortunately I had that little situation with the tabloids to deal with, (you know, the whole Obama + me photo thing) and so I'm just now getting to it.

So, a "ME ME" is just what it sounds like; it's all about me. (IT'S ABOUT TIME!!) I have to write six random things about myself and then pass the "ME ME" on to some other bloggers. It's a fun way for all of us in the blog world to get to know each other. So, here goes, six random things about ME ME ME!

1. My family thinks I need to go to rehab. Yes, it's true, they've been harping on me for a few years that I need help. I don't know why but they think I have a drinking problem. Apparently they think I drink too much Diet Coke. Yeah, well, whatever....
2. I have always wanted to be a comedian. Humor gets you through a lot of stuff..
3. I have perfectly straight teeth and naturally curly hair. (I wish I could put that on a resume!) I've never cursed nature over the teeth but I've had some irritation with the hair.
4. My children are my gifts from God.
5. My Outs and Runs never counted.
6. I couldn't think of a sixth thing to say so I just asked my youngest son what one word he would use to describe me and he said "creative". So, there you go, I'm "creative". (Thank God he didn't say "PSYCHO"!)

So now that you have that useless information go check out some of my favorite blogs:

Chrissy at http://theapothacaryshop.blogspot.com and I share the same design aesthetic. When I first came across her blog I was amazed because our decorating style is so similar!

I'm also passing it on to Lori at http://sudsnjewels.blogspot.com. I met her through Etsy a few weeks ago because I'm in the process of launching my new venture (more about that in coming weeks) and she's going to help me with one angle of it. My son wouldn't think I'm creative if he used Lori to measure me against. The girl has it going on in the creativity department!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog today. It's very interesting. I'll come back again.

Sherry said...

You have to be really careful what you ask sons! Sometimes they volunteer stuff you didn't want anybody to know!!

In response to your question on my blog...yes, I'm pretty much self-taught with the quilting. By the time I started quilting, the only quilter in the family - my great grandmother - had already died. I am extremely fortunate to have a few of her quilts.

Stuart Maughan said...

You are a.......................Natural Comedian, and I for one Love to read your notes. Every sentence seems to lift me just a little higher, Then all "hell" breaks loose. Sometimes it's great to be natural. Don't you think?

Katie said...

I also have a serious diet coke addiction! Did you know Bill Clinton use to drink 12 a day? I'm not that bad, but I really love it!

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

Thanks so much for coming over to visit me. I wanted to do the same and your blog is great! I feel the same way about the magazines, it's been so sad for me to see them one by one taken away from me. At least my husband is understanding about it and even let out an "awwww" when my postcard came saying I would no longer receive Home Companion. It is my hobby as well and I always say, hey there are worse things I could be doing! lol

It's nice to "meet" you!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Hey you... been sick with the flu for days now, I will get back up and running soon though...I will do the meme then, hope you are well!!!

Rita Vindedzis said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that nice comment. I've subscribed to your blog-a great read and you're too funny.

Debra said...

Great post!! I enjoyed reading through it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for visiting! My babes are my complete Joy, and my son turned 2 today! I cannot believe it! Thanks again for stopping by, its nice to meet you too! Will keep up with your posts...very entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Six random things...hmmmmm let me think.
1 Funny
2 Cute
3 Easy
4 Comfortable
5 Personable
6 Caring

Just one mans casual observations for the past 24 years.

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