Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It's always so nice when
my fellow Chartreuse and Co.
dealers and I, 
get a little love with 
mentions in the press,
and today we're thankful
for the shout-outs from 
two great websites,

So, if you've stopped by after 
spotting us on Daily Candy, thanks
for visiting, take some time to peruse
past posts to get an idea
of what The Kramer Angle style
is all about and then
make plans to visit 
Chartreuse and Co., this weekend
September 1st and 2nd,
or at one of our monthly shows,
the third Friday - Sunday of every

Here's a peek at just some
of what you'll find in my shop,
The Kramer Angle,

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The Kramer Angle
and be sure to visit 
my other site,

The Barn Show

in Gambrills, Maryland

for our Fall 2012 Barn Show
September 28th - 30th!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello again - I'm alive!

And apparently there's been some doubt,
because people have called
(Thank you Carol and Carla!)
they've e-mailed
(just to see if I'd respond)
and my real life friends 
(like Tiffany!)
have asked 
if I was ever going to 
blog again because
it's been forever
since my last post!

And so I decided
today was the day!

My absence wasn't intentional,
I wasn't on a self-imposed
hiatus, studying abroad,
or captured by aliens 
- it just happened!

The truth is,
I've just been busy and
something had to give!

Here's a recap:

It started with my
local show
The Barn Show,
at the end of

and rolled immediately
into a last minute
trip to Zion National Park
in Utah, The Grand Canyon,
and Las Vegas with my family,

four more monthly barn shows
at my other barn,
Chartreuse and Co.,

My son's 16h birthday
(I've been making both my boys
stand by that sign on their birthdays
every year since they were babies!)


 Which rolled right into his
 Celebrated with a visit from my
Florida in-laws
immediately followed by a visit
from my mother and sister from Ohio

Weekly trips to the auction to find the goods

And then, I couldn't blog because 
I had to get my youngest son to lots of 
lacrosse practices and games

in between track practice
and meets for the oldest,
my "real" jobs,
housework, life, family 
and friends
and the next thing I knew,
it was summer! 

So, we took a spur of
the moment trip to 

and ended up having our
best family vacation, ever.

Which is when I started thinking
we need to move to Hawaii,
until my youngest pointed out
antique hunting and barn shows
aren't exactly island-living

Oh well, maybe someday.., 
but right now, I'm
officially "back" and
it feels good!

How have YOU been?