Thursday, October 30, 2008


I love people! There are so many good, kind people in the world just out there doing their thing, living their lives, quietly influencing others by their example.

I "met" just such a person today and I'm so thrilled! Remember day one of my blogging life? (Come on people, it was only three days ago!!) I said one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging was because I've been obsessed with reading other people's blogs for months and thought it would be a cool thing to do. You name it, people are blogging about it. Kids, dogs, sports, conspiracy theories, it's all out there! I'm drawn to blogs about decorating because that's one of my passions.

There's one particular blog I felt an instant connection to from the first day I read it. The woman who writes it, Rhoda, posts about all of the things I'm interested in. As a decorator she helps people turn their houses into homes, she re-purposes furniture and accessories, loves a good bargain and is totally into garage sales. All of the things I love!

So, yesterday I sent her an e-mail through her site to introduce myself and tell her how much reading her blog inspired me to start my own. I just wanted her to know that I love her blog because it's "real". It's not high brow, hoity toity (I have no idea how to spell that!) out of reach design that most people could never afford. I honestly didn't expect to get a response.

But I did! She sent me the loveliest e-mail thanking me for my words and encouraging me with my new adventure. Not only that, she added my blog address to her list of favorite blog sites! So now everyone who goes to her blog can click on thekramerangle and end up looking at my new blog!

Isn't that amazing? How sweet is she? People are so good!

Thank you Rhoda!

This is the link to her blog (my favorite!):


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heavenly Humor

I think God has a sense of humor. Don't you? I tend to be a little bit of a worrier when it comes to my health. (Hang nail? Nope. It must be cuticle cancer.) I don't worry about anything else, I really don't. Economy? It will rebound. The Browns? There's always next year. Rain? It's liquid sunshine.

But with my health, I worry. A lot. (Just ask my husband.) But sometimes I think God puts things in front of you to remind you of how blessed you are. Like this morning. I met someone who faced serious, life threatening health issues. Not just once. Twice. But she survived and is thriving. So I felt like God gave me a little heavenly kick in the ass to get a grip and stop worrying about my insignificant little hang nails.

Meeting someone like that definitely tends to give you a new perspective on things. So, after talking to her I just felt better. You know, breathing a little easier, enjoying the crisp fall air, looking at the big picture a little more clearly kind of thing. And that's when God stepped back in.

Driving down the road a cargo truck pulled right out in front of me. Now, not just any random truck. That happens all the time. This was a big old, white truck with "The Batesville Casket Company" written on the side in enormous green letters!

It cracked me up. Just as I was starting to get comfortable, I felt like was God was saying, "Okay, Kramer. You're fine, quit your useless worrying; but don't get too cozy. Appreciate life and how blessed you are." Life's too short to worry about things out of our control!

Now, my more practical friends would say the only thing that happened today was that I met someone and a truck cut me off. But to me; it was a sign from God.

I love signs.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some of My Favorite Music

Thank You!

Wow! I'm so humbled at the amazing response I have gotten to my little old blog. It's not even 18 hours old and I've already had 12 hits. (Okay, so 10 of them were mine! You gotta start somewhere!) Thank you to everyone (okay, mostly me!) for making it such a huge hit already. I just have a feeling this thing is going to be big!

(Note: I'm hoping my readers appreciate sarcasm!)

My church was having a Red Cross blood drive today so I went to donate this afternoon. The first time I donated blood was when I was a senior in high school (a REALLY, LONG time ago). At the time I was pleased with how effortless it was and how good it made me feel knowing I was helping someone in need of my B+ blood. So, I started to donate a couple of times a year for a long time. Imagine my surprise today when the Red Cross staff member told me the last time I donated was in 1995! I couldn't believe it! Just another example of how "time flies". I'm definitely not going to wait another 13 years to donate again. (By the way, the good feeling came right back!)

So, now I'm wearing a little sticker that says "BE NICE TO ME, I GAVE BLOOD TODAY"! And guess what? It's working. I'm having a great day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Kramer Angle Begins


Welcome to "The Kramer Angle"!

For the past three or four months I've been obsessed with reading blogs devoted to interior decorating, motherhood, daily musings, etc., and have finally decided to start my own blog. I'm not sure what I plan to "talk" about yet, but I'm not usually at a loss for words, so I'm sure I'll come up with something every now and then!

So, when you have absolutely nothing better to do; the dog has been walked, the toilets have been scrubbed, and the kids aren't home, come back and check out "The Kramer Angle".