Friday, January 23, 2009


It's Friday so that means it's time for my weekly "What Brings Me Joy" post. What brings me joy today is having a wide open afternoon with no commitments, no laundry and a quiet house until the kids get home from school. So I'll be lounging on the couch with my ultimate Gulp size cup of Diet Coke at my side and this month's Southern Accents magazine that arrived in my mailbox only moments ago. Pure joy!


Tardevil said...

That sounds like my kind of day!

SudsnJewels said...

Gail - I could not agree more ! I have a wide open evening (no b/f, no kids that need supervision) and time to make jewelry. I do have laundry to do but thats a quick run to the machine and back. I am excited :) I can always pack tomorrow - (Scarlett O'Hara?) Hope you love love love your mag!! Have a great weekend.

Cyndi said...

Love it!!! What a great idea for a Friday post! I thought I had a wide open evening but Brady has hurt his wrist so he is having xrays with his grandmother and I am waiting to hear back. I am such a bad mom by not going but he said he was fine and for me to wait.
Have a great weekend.

Maisy said...

That sound
Have a wonderful weekend!!