Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday Vintage Shopping

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you're looking for an
alternative to mall shopping
on Black Friday, be sure to 
check out The Barn Show,
in Gambrills, Maryland tomorrow
November 29th - December 1st

We've packed The Barn with
another awesome collection
of antiques, vintage goods,
unique accessories, architectural salvage,
gift items and seasonal decor.  

For more information, please
check out our website,

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Find Me On Facebook

I'm addicted to the
Facebook app on my I-Phone
because it's just so dang
easy to post to my page,
The Kramer Angle,
from my phone.

So, I find myself posting 
pics of interesting things I see
on the road, cool stuff I've picked
up at the auction or sneak peeks
at some of the things I'm 
working on.

I'd love it if you followed
me there - it's definitely
where you'll find the
latest news from me,
The Kramer Angle!

Find me here

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello again!

Well, I've been a little busy
since the last time you heard
from me.

I've had seven shows
in Glenwood, Maryland

Held two shows
in Gambrills, Maryland
had nine shows
in Buckeystown, Maryland  

all since last November!

So, I got a little "barned out"
and had to drop a few things off
my plate for awhile until things
settled down.

Guess, what?   
That's never going
to happen, so I decided to start
blogging again!

Clean houses, well-balanced meals
and organized garages are over-rated
anyway, right?
(Humor me here folks!)

(It's good to be back!)