Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Little Melancholy

I spent most of yesterday taking down the Christmas decorations and it made me melancholy for the old days. In my rush to get the house decorated I didn't really take the time to reflect on our ornaments and how they represent my children's lives. Every Christmas I give them a new ornament that reflects their interest from the past year.

My youngest son, Jacob, has had a love of frogs for as long as I can remember so he has lots of different frog ornaments from over the years. My oldest son, Shane, loves sports and fishing so his ornaments have reflected those interests. So as I took the ornaments off the tree I thought of each of my children and how their lives are represented on that tree; and it filled me with a melancholy mood.

Life is going by so fast! Wasn't it just yesterday they were two and four and they were both obsessed with cowboys? I held the cowboy hat and horseshoe ornaments in my hand and they look brand new! Their fascination with Star Wars has given way to "Calvin and Hobbs" and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Life is good, so good, but it scares me how quickly it is going by. I want it to slow down! The ornaments representing my boys lives, now 10 and 12, reminded me of that yesterday.


Maisy said...

It's so weird that you are talking about this time thing. I agree..life is moving way too fast. We need to slow it down. How???
Thanks for sharing with us.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Gail, it is so great that you have given them ornaments. I know that feeling. I get it every year when I'm taking down my decor (and no, it's not because there is so much to take down at my house!). Life is going way too fast, and it's my grandchildren who are reminding me of that! laurie

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Gail, I went back & read your very nice email the other day & wanted to come & see how you are. I hope you had a great Christmas & are ready for a new year. Stop by & see me sometime!

Tardevil said...

Reminds me of Kenny Chesney's song, "Don't Blink!"

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