Hi, I'm Gail Kramer,
originally from the great 
state of Ohio, but living
in Maryland for the past 18 years!
(Ugh, sounds like a pageant introduction!)
I launched my busines, The Kramer Angle,
after admiring a group of women running
a local barn show
(of which I am now a proud member of)
for years!   I secretly longed for
them to invite me to join them, and then
one day, I had an epiphany.   I wondered
why I was waiting for someone else to 
make my dreams come true!
So, I started preparing for my
first show, the Barn Girls found
out and asked me to join them before 
I ever had my first show.
That was in 2009 and things have gotten crazy ever since.
Now I have two barn shows, one shop space
and an obsession with finding the coolest stuff on the planet to stock my shows with!
And I'm a mom to two boys, 13 and 15 and wife to a globe trotting airline pilot!
My goal? 
End world hunger.
(Oops, more pageant talk!)
My goal is to keep living the dream!