Monday, March 26, 2012

Press Times Two!

What's that old saying
about the only
bad press is no press?

Well, guess what?

There's nothing bad about
the great press both of
my barn shows 
has been getting lately!

My local barn,
was just included in 
of vintage shows not to miss

and now my other venue,
Chartreuse and Co.,
is included in 
Washingtonian magazine's 
list of 61 hidden gems
(page 103, thank you very much!)

So much fun!

Speaking of The Barn Show,
go check out the list of 
what I've been
working on with the rest of
the crew!
Our spring show
opens this Friday!

Oh, and just in case one great
barn show isn't enough for you, we're also
open at Chartreuse this weekend
for a special market days event!

Not only will the main barn be open
and stocked with super cool finds,
20 guest vendors will be bringing
their goods to the grounds of the 
old barn this Saturday and Sunday!

Why not, make it a barn crawl kind
of weekend?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I've been super busy with
my barn shows lately 
and it's not going to slow
down anytime soon!
(Which is just the way I like it!)

I just finished up
my monthly show
and I've been working
with the rest of the
crew at 
in Gambrills, Maryland
to put the finishing 
touches on our spring
show, which opens,
Friday, March 30th!

Stop by 
for some sneak peeks of
what's in that show,
but in the meantime, take
a peek at how things
looked at Chartreuse 
last weekend!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Plan It!

I've been busy
with the rest of 
getting ready for
our spring show,
which opens on 
Friday, March 30th.

I'd love to show
you what I spend
practically all my 
free time on, so 
mark your calendar now,
and I'll hope to see you
at The Barn!

Postcards go out this
weekend, but you 
definitely don't need 
an invitation - you know me!

And if you can't wait
until then to get your vintage fix, 
don't forget you can always
shop The Kramer Angle,
at my monthly show,
Buckeystown, Maryland!

We're open March 16th - 18th!

(Please tell me I'm going to see you
somewhere this month!)

Friday, March 2, 2012

This Moment!

I'm having one 
of those moments
where all is right
in the world 
and I just want to
freeze time and make
it stay this way forever!

My kids are happy,
my husband is happy,
(shoot, he's golfing at this moment, so I know he's happy!)
I even think my dog
is happy!
(the crazy tail wag when she found 
an unused tennis ball in 
the garage this morning 
gave it away!)

And me?

How can I not be,
when I'm surrounded
by so much that brings 
me joy?!

I hope your day is a happy one!

photo found here