Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Market This Weekend!

If you're looking for something
fun to do this weekend
check out our 
Fall market
Walkersville, Maryland
Not only is the shop loaded with new merchandise, but we'll also have 
guest vendors selling 
vintage goods, pumpkins, jewelry, home
decor, crafts and more!
I hope to see you there!

21 W. Pennsylvania Avenue
Walkersville, MD

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hitting the Highway!

I love to drive and I love meeting new sources for the cool items I stock my shop with.
(You do meet some interesting people in this business!)
So, guess what I get to do tomorrow?
Drive all over Maryland and Virginia
meeting new sources!

I'm so excited to get out on the road,
by myself, with an empty truck, 
a bit of a game plan and all day
to do it.

It doesn't get much better than that!

Wish me luck!  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Barn Living

I used to live 
in a nice house in the suburbs.
It was clean and organized,
the rooms were decorated,
and you could actually see
the floors.
(Hardwood throughout)

I used to have friends over 
every weekend for happy hours 
by the fire.
But lately I feel
like I live more 
in a barn than my own home.

Two actually.

One's an old dairy barn in Buckeystown
and the other's a former horse stable in 

The line has been blurred
between my real home and 
my barns away from home.

My once decorated rooms
waiting to be tagged,
painted, wired 
or transformed.

My house has price
tags all over it!
It's like everything is for sale.

Like the pair of vintage
shipping crates I found at 
the auction that are now 
my family room end tables.
(Currently tagged at $298 each)

The cubby I bought to sell
that houses 
my growing wine collection, which 
I don't have time to drink
with my friends.

All tagged. 
Waiting to sell or waiting to enjoy.

The line has been blurred. 
I've been spending too much time
consumed with my business 
and not enough time 
consumed with my life

Maybe it's the change of seasons,
or my recent awareness of life's fragility,
but it's time I find some balance.

I want my house back and
I could really go for a great
bottle of wine.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


We've had a great two days at 
in Buckeystown, Maryland

Fridays are always insane and
yesterday was no exception!

It always amazes me how 
long the checkout line is even
with three of us writing up sales
and how patient our customers are!

We must be doing something right!  

And, guess what?

We're also open tomorrow!

Sunday, September 17th 

noon - four 

If you like to decorate your home
with the coolest antiques, architectural 
salvage, unique vintage finds and repurposed furniture - then Chartreuse 
is the place for you!

Like this super cool cubby.
Wouldn't it be awesome in a mudroom, craft room, or it could be the ultimate wine or shoe rack!?

Stop by tomorrow to check it out!

4007A Buckeystown Pike (MD Rt. 85)
next door to the Buckeystown Post Office 
and St. Thomas More AcademyBuckeystown, Maryland

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Weekend at Chartreuse

I love taking something
old and repurposing it
into something new so I'm 
always looking for pieces
I can transform.
When I was at the auction a
few months ago I picked
up some antique church pew
ends for a song because I thought
they'd make a really
cool base for 
a kitchen island.
I collaborated with my friend,
Drew on a design that would be 
beautiful and functional, with a 
substantial easy-maintenance galvanized
top and an additional shelf below for
extra storage.
I love the way it turned out!
What do you think?

It's for sale this
weekend in my shop,
The Kramer Angle,
in Buckeystown, Maryland.

Another piece I transformed
was an incredible screen
door that was taken off a 
Long Island estate that was
slated for demolition.   
Check out the before and after:

At just under 8' tall
it would make an incredible
statement piece in a 
foyer or living room.
I also love turning
old bottles, buckets, cans, etc.
into unique lamps
and have several available
at this weekend's sale like
this old water bottle & crate.

A few more sneak peeks
at what's in my shop this 

We're open 
Friday, September 16th - 9 - 4
Saturday, September 17th - 9 - 4
Sunday, September 18th - 12 - 4 

4007A Buckeystown Pike (Md Rt 85)
Buckeystown, Maryland
Next door to the Buckeystown Post Office 
and St. Thomas More Academy
I hope you can stop by!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Mentor

If you bounce around the blog
world or have ever been to
where I have a shop
you've met my friend,

Or you've stopped by because you bounced
over from Molly's "Market Monday" link party where she encourages us to share our latest projects!

This is the first time I
have participated, so thank you
for stopping by!

Molly, also part of Chartreuse, 
is an incredibly talented 
artist, a really good friend and
one of the two people in the world
that makes me laugh the hardest!

Take a look at some of what
Molly has created and you'll see
what I mean:
The girl has talent!  

But more than anything, 
Molly has been an inspiration to me.

She encourages me.

She believes in me.

I never thought I had any artistic
talent, but Molly taught me to 
believe in myself, to reach deep 
and draw upon
that which defines who I am:
the pain, the joy and the sorrow.

So, I may not have the same talent 
as Molly does, but I am thankful to her, 
because without her encouragement 
and her faith in me, 
I never would have picked up 
a Sharpie marker and created this:

I know, amazing, isn't it? 
And to think I have had 
absolutely no formal training!


Can't you just feel the JOY 
coming off the "canvas"?
The sense of flight, 
the raw emotion, 
the realistic portrait of
an American family on 
a summer day! 

Juxtaposing with 
the oppressive, down-trodden 
emotion of the dog, so 
clearly haunted by
being defined as  
"pet quality only"
his entire life!

I really do think I nailed it 
on this one!

People often say to me, 
"Gail, how do you define your art?".

Am I an impressionist, like Claude Monet, a surrealist, such as Salvador Dali, or a realist along the lines of Da Vinci?  

My answer?

I'm not sure.

My art career is still in it's 
infancy, I don't know where it will lead, therefore,
I hesitate to define my style. 

What do you think?  

I know what Molly thinks:  
The girl's got talent!   

(Now, go back and tell Molly I said hi!) 

(Limited edition prints available this weekend
in my shop at Chartreuse and Co.)


Love to all!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Possibilities!

I've been looking for an interesting
auction to go to this weekend and
found one where this house
and barn will be sold.

I absolutely love
the stone house and the thought
of opening that beautiful barn
for monthly sales
me breathless!   

Hmm, maybe I should go,
just to check it out, right?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Road Trip Report

My "assistant" and I drove to my
home state a few weeks ago to visit 
family for a few days. 
While we were there we hit
the road with my mom to
shop my favorite source for the 
industrial salvage 
furniture and lighting 
I stock my shops with. 
This is me with my friend, 
(whose name shall remain anonymous to protect my source!)  
one of the creative geniuses

who take parts 
like these

do a lot of this:

and turn them into this:

They also 
create these 
fabulous light fixtures:

The best part?

It's the real deal
not the cheaply made
imported industrial style furniture
popping up everywhere these days!

It's all made from
reclaimed, salvaged parts and 
I love it all!

Curious about what I picked up
for my shops?

Make plans to check it out at:

The Kramer Angle
Chartreuse and Co.
in Buckeystown, Maryland 
(open the third Friday - Sunday of every month) 

Wild Rose and Co. Marketplace
in Walkersville, Maryland 
(open Tuesday - Sunday) 

and at my next 
Barn Show 
in Gambrills, Maryland
(October 7th, 8th and 9th)  

 My "assistant" contemplating a vintage stool! 
  My mom doesn't always "get"
industrial style but she's my
biggest fan and I love having her 
with me on buying trips!