Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wanted: Holiday Spirit

I can't find mine - it's missing.
We hosted our annual holiday party for about 65 of our peeps on December 10th so I was crazy busy getting ready for that, and then, once it was over, I completely 
lost my holiday spirit.

It's gone and I need to find it.

I'm about to write my Christmas cards though, so maybe that will help.

I ditched the idea of a staged holiday 
photo of my kids and 
decided to go with one of them from earlier 
in the year, more in their natural element - hiking in the woods. 

It's the winner:

(That said, I do think my oldest 
needs to expand his wardrobe a bit!)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Round Two

My boys and I went into
D.C. yesterday to pick
up a piece from
(another story)
and stopped by to take a look
at the national tree and snap a few
pics for the holiday card
I'm still working

Let's just say my boys
weren't that enthusiastic,
and this is the only one that
turned out half way decent.

A winner? 

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Friday, December 16, 2011


My boys definitely didn't get
my "ham" gene - they absolutely hate
to have their picture taken, while
I've never shied away from a camera yet!

So every year it's a challenge to try
to come up with a decent photo of the two of them together
for the requisite holiday card.
(You know, the kind grandparents like to get!)

Part of the fun this year is that we just got
a fancy schamncy "real" camera and I'm
slowly learning how to use it, so naturally
I want to take a million shots,
inside, outside, change outfits,
lighting, etc.

The boys?

Not so much!

I bribed them with dinner at Chipotle to get this shot this afternoon. 

I like it, but I'm not sure
it's the winner.

Looks like I may need to offer
milkshakes for round two...

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two Shows, One Weekend!

Honestly, I don't know
how I managed to pull it off,
but I'm happy to report
both of my barn shows
are set for this weekend's

The Kramer Angle
is loaded with a mix of
cool industrial pieces
I picked up in Ohio
over Thanksgiving,
and great gift 
items for everyone
on your shopping list,
including candles, table runners,
and great smelling soaps!


And in Gambrills, Maryland
we're all set to 
present our holiday
collection, bright and 
early Friday morning!

I just loaded all the photos
from The Barn on our website,
so click over there 
to check out some of 
what you'll see if you 
stop by the show.

Truth be told, I'm getting
"barned out" and I'm ready
for a little break,
so the holidays are coming
at just the right time!

I hope to see you at one
of the shows!   I'll be in
Gambrills Friday and Saturday
and at Chartreuse on Sunday!