Saturday, January 31, 2009

Simple Joy

When you have two boys ages 12 and 10, Gameboys, Wii, and Gamecube factor into your life pretty heavily. I'm a mother that doesn't understand the fascination with video games; I think it's a waste of time. My kids don't spend an inordinate amount of time playing them but I'd be lying if I said we haven't had a battle or two over what I'd prefer they be doing.

While we were in Ohio for the holidays one of my brothers gave my youngest son an old pogo stick his kids had outgrown years ago. My son was thrilled and while he happily tossed it in the back of the van for the drive back to the east coast, I was certain it would be just another toy getting too little use, languishing in our garage with all the others.

But my son has surprised me and has been pogo jumping in the morning and again after school. He's certain there's a Guiness world record he can break if he just keeps on practicing. It brings me joy that he's having so much fun with a nice, classic simple toy, one we all had when we were kids. Not to mention the fact it's impossible to work the Wii controller when you're bouncing down the sidewalk on your way to a world record.


SudsnJewels said...

Could not agree more! One of my greatest joys is when the kids play bocce or horseshoes at the beach in the summer. Getting them outside or getting them playing something together and not in front of a tv is so much more wholesome. In this case, there is the whole funny case of bouncing up and down which is rather amusing all by itself. Ahhh yes, reminds me of Happy To Be's blog about the good ol' days.
have a good old fashioned day !

allison strine said...

I love this story! Apart from the fact that your boy is BEEEYOOTIFUL, it's such a shame to see kids walking around with their heads glued to a video game. That said, the wii makes a very good leverage tool for behavior!

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