Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Supportive Friends & Off to the Islands

 Thanks to everyone who 
sent me an e-mail, commented
on Facebook or texted me 
that I should definitely
open my own bricks & mortar shop!

I appreciate your encouragement, 
and who knows,
maybe this is the year I do!
(I have some ideas up my sleeve!)

In the meantime,we're open
next weekend at Chartreuse and Co.
so I need to get ready!
It's going to be 
"Island Living"
because I've been
obsessed with kitchen islands!
 (You thought we were going tropical,
didn't you?  I wish!)
I have a bunch of islands
made from salvaged industrial
bases, butcher block tops,
reclaimed church pews,
and even vintage filing 
Not to mention a whole new
stock of burlap table runners,
Scrabble pillows, custom made
(like from vintage olive buckets)
tons and tons of just the
coolest stuff ever!

Stop back tomorrow for some
sneak peeks!