Sunday, January 15, 2012

Off Track

I know, I was supposed to post pics
of what's in my shop at Chartreuse and Co.
for our January show, but I got distracted and
didn't drive up on Friday like I thought
I would.

I went out hunting instead and even though
I didn't find a ton of stuff,
I did meet a famous blogger by chance
at one of my stops!

When she told me her first name
and mentioned she blogs,
I immediately knew it was
Meg of Pigtown Designs

She was absolutely lovely and
I'm hoping we meet again because
she seems like my kind of girl!
(Interesting, fun, and a junker!)

So, to keep my promise though
I do have a few pics of what's in
the shop this month.

I'm taking up a truckload and a cargo
van full tomorrow and will
definitely take some much
better pics of everything!

Until then, take a peek:

I picked up this old cubby
at the auction a few weeks ago,
and it would be perfect to
house a rather large wine collection
in style:
Who doesn't love Tolix chairs?
Pick a pair or take all four!

I picked up these vintage
olive baskets last spring
in Brimfield and promptly
sold out of them.

Fortunately my source had more,
so I picked up a bunch when I was
home for the holidays
and even had some
made into lighting fixtures.

Two words:
Very. Cool.

I loved this birdcage as soon as I spotted it, and not because I want to house some
love birds in it! 
I'm going to take it apart and copy Restoration Hardware's birdcage chandelier and repurpose the bottom stand into a bar.

What do you think?
You know I only buy things
I absolutely love, right?

Well, when I spotted this
mirror made from a door
salvaged from a New York City
building, it had my name written
all over it.

yea, yea, I know I'm supposed
to sell my finds, but this
one will be tough to give up -
it's fabulous!

Several months ago I found
four church pew ends laying in the field
at the auction and I immediately
thought they'd be awesome
repurposed as the bases
for kitchen islands.

I designed one and had my
friend Drew build it for me and
it sold the first day it was
on the floor.

So, we built another one
with the remaining two pew ends.

Totally unique, only two in the world
and where else are you going to
find another one?

You won't because it's a
Kramer Angle exclusive!


Remember I mentioned
it was "island living" this
month in my shop?

Well, here's another island for you!
Custom made from salvaged butcher block and
the perfect size for a smaller space.

Just wait until you see it lit?
It's so cool!

I have tons more to show you,
but I don't have pics yet because
I ended up here today instead:


At an auction!

See, I told you, I'm easily distracted!
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Pigtown*Design said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout!

Anonymous said...

I love that mirror!

Now, where would I put it!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Gail, I love that church pew end on the kitchen island! What a fab idea. laurie

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