Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bricks + Mortar = Dream

I'm really fortunate to have 
two great barn shows
to sell my take on
but sometimes 
I think about opening my own

So instead of 
(or even, in addition to)
the monthly 
sale I have at
and my local event,
which is 3 - 4 times
a year, I'd have
my own little shop,
The Kramer Angle.

I love the version of
The Kramer Angle
I have now and it's
been very successful,
but I feel like it's time
to consider taking it to the
next level.
(read: dream)

So, I've been thinking about it.

(Did I mention alot?)

So, I ponder sites,
consider the possibilities,
design the window displays,
plan "my look" and imagine
the joy it would bring me.
(I'm an optimist!)

The question I'm noodling today,
is where?

My small town, Crofton,
is screaming
for an adorable shop,
Annapolis is 15 miles away,
D.C., only 20.

Hmm, where should 
my dream take me?

Annapolis contenders.....

See, my dream is not big,
it's perfectly sized!

What do you think?


Cassie Bustamante said...

that is SO exciting!!!! yay! keep me posted! :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely open a shop Gail. It would be great and this area needs something new!


patti mccarthy said...

You should do this! I'll rent a corner from you to help defray the costs! Keep me posted!!

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