Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Weekend at Chartreuse

I love taking something
old and repurposing it
into something new so I'm 
always looking for pieces
I can transform.
When I was at the auction a
few months ago I picked
up some antique church pew
ends for a song because I thought
they'd make a really
cool base for 
a kitchen island.
I collaborated with my friend,
Drew on a design that would be 
beautiful and functional, with a 
substantial easy-maintenance galvanized
top and an additional shelf below for
extra storage.
I love the way it turned out!
What do you think?

It's for sale this
weekend in my shop,
The Kramer Angle,
in Buckeystown, Maryland.

Another piece I transformed
was an incredible screen
door that was taken off a 
Long Island estate that was
slated for demolition.   
Check out the before and after:

At just under 8' tall
it would make an incredible
statement piece in a 
foyer or living room.
I also love turning
old bottles, buckets, cans, etc.
into unique lamps
and have several available
at this weekend's sale like
this old water bottle & crate.

A few more sneak peeks
at what's in my shop this 

We're open 
Friday, September 16th - 9 - 4
Saturday, September 17th - 9 - 4
Sunday, September 18th - 12 - 4 

4007A Buckeystown Pike (Md Rt 85)
Buckeystown, Maryland
Next door to the Buckeystown Post Office 
and St. Thomas More Academy
I hope you can stop by!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gail,

It was so much fun meeting you today! My sister and I love your look!

See you next month!


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