Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Mentor

If you bounce around the blog
world or have ever been to
where I have a shop
you've met my friend,

Or you've stopped by because you bounced
over from Molly's "Market Monday" link party where she encourages us to share our latest projects!

This is the first time I
have participated, so thank you
for stopping by!

Molly, also part of Chartreuse, 
is an incredibly talented 
artist, a really good friend and
one of the two people in the world
that makes me laugh the hardest!

Take a look at some of what
Molly has created and you'll see
what I mean:
The girl has talent!  

But more than anything, 
Molly has been an inspiration to me.

She encourages me.

She believes in me.

I never thought I had any artistic
talent, but Molly taught me to 
believe in myself, to reach deep 
and draw upon
that which defines who I am:
the pain, the joy and the sorrow.

So, I may not have the same talent 
as Molly does, but I am thankful to her, 
because without her encouragement 
and her faith in me, 
I never would have picked up 
a Sharpie marker and created this:

I know, amazing, isn't it? 
And to think I have had 
absolutely no formal training!


Can't you just feel the JOY 
coming off the "canvas"?
The sense of flight, 
the raw emotion, 
the realistic portrait of
an American family on 
a summer day! 

Juxtaposing with 
the oppressive, down-trodden 
emotion of the dog, so 
clearly haunted by
being defined as  
"pet quality only"
his entire life!

I really do think I nailed it 
on this one!

People often say to me, 
"Gail, how do you define your art?".

Am I an impressionist, like Claude Monet, a surrealist, such as Salvador Dali, or a realist along the lines of Da Vinci?  

My answer?

I'm not sure.

My art career is still in it's 
infancy, I don't know where it will lead, therefore,
I hesitate to define my style. 

What do you think?  

I know what Molly thinks:  
The girl's got talent!   

(Now, go back and tell Molly I said hi!) 

(Limited edition prints available this weekend
in my shop at Chartreuse and Co.)


Beans and Buttons said...

Can I buy the sharpie picture?

molly susan strong said...

I will out bid you big time. Gail I am touched beyond words. This journey together has been full. I am amazed how our "let's meet at Chartreuse's sale" turned into what we have now. Love it, love you.

Julie Gaver said...

awwww..... touching, yet funny tribute to a great lady! I've been to YOUR booth as well and Miss Molly is right! You have talent. Continued bliss to you both. To do what we love (and get paid for it) is one of the greatest achievements in life.

Sweet Pea said...

What a beautiful post! Found you through MSS and through the graphics fairy.

Lulu and Co. said...

You are both absolutely talented and creative!!! I admire how you have taken your dreams and turned them into success!! Look forward to making a trip up this fall and have a good shopping outing!!!!
Happy September friend!!!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! Love the "art"!

Funny stuff, but true about Molly, she is talented!