Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bidding Buds

All of my friends know where to find me on Wednesdays - at the auction, and today was no exception.

It's one of my sources for the  
merchandise I stock my shops with.  
(The Barn Show)
(Chartreuse and Co.
(Wild Rose and Co.)

And you never know what you're going to find!   

Like this:

I passed.
And this:

Passed again.   

Not only do I (usually) find great things, like this,
I've also met some really interesting people.  

They're the regulars.

Dealers like myself who are there every week, 
year-round sizing up the offerings in 
rain, snow, sleet and hail.

The regulars are an "interesting" lot to say the least, a cast of characters like you've never seen before.   

You name the personality, I can point out which dealer fits that description, the good, the bad and the ugly!    

I have a couple of personal favorites with 
whom I've developed little
 auction friendships between bids.    

And as I was driving home today, 
I started thinking about them 
and it dawned on me that I should 
share them with you!    

First up is Michelle,  of 
The Vintage Source

I blogged about her last year, 
but since she's one of my favorites, 
I'm doing it again!

I actually met Michelle a couple of years ago 
when someone told me about  
her monthly sale in Compton, Maryland.

It's a hugely popular event, held in an old country store, with a 
loyal fan club customer base.   And if it weren't 
for the fact my Chartreuse sale is held the same 
weekend every month, I would be the first 
one in line at every sale because her shop 
is loaded with antique and vintage finds, 
painted furniture, and unique home decor.   

So, instead, I get to spend time 
with her at the auction.    
She's just one of those women that is very 
supportive, interesting to talk to and willing to share lessons 
learned with other people in the business.   
She's not competitive and this non-competitive girl loves that!  

She's lovely and I consider it a treat when I get to see her!   

My other favorite is Dan of 
GoodWood in D.C.   

My first memory of Dan is from a couple of years ago 
when I was bidding against him 
for a vintage dress form that now 
resides in my shop displaying super-cute 
custom made aprons, belts and jewelry.  
(I guess that tells you who won that one!)  

Unfortunately, I can always count on Dan to be my chief competitor for the really cool stuff I want for my shop!  
In fact, when my husband is at the auction I always point out to him the pieces I'm sure Dan will bid on,  because at this point I've watched him enough to  know his style!   
And I'm usually right!
I guess we have similar taste.
(Really good taste I'd say!)  

And although I've never been to the shop 
he owns in D.C. with his wife, 
I've read the press, 
(and there's lots of it!)
been to their website 
and witness first hand week after week 
what he's buying to fill the shop, so trust me, 
it's gotta be good!  

So, if you're ever looking for awesome 
furniture and unique accessories for your home, 
check out their shops!  

The Vintage Source

Tell them Gail sent you.
(And maybe you could encourage them to stop bidding on the same things I do!) 

In my next post, I'll re-introduce you to Drew.   
I also met him at the auction.
He doesn't have a shop, but he does have a barn in Pennsylvania that is my kind of heaven!

- Gail -