Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Going Home

This is Cedar Point

(The world's great amusement park!)
(No kidding, it really is - voted so every year!)  
It's on the shores of Lake Erie 
and has been there since 1870

And in many ways, it's where my story begins
It's where I went when I first left home

To work with 3,500 other college students
while living in dorms on the peninsula
It's where I learned my real home will always be there, comfort zones can be too restricting and that sometimes you need to take chances

It's where I met my husband, 
also a college student working at the park
It's where our story began

And this week, like every year, 
since I left in 1988 to marry that boy, 
we went back to chapter one

To remember who we once were

Only now our children are with us

Shane - Chapter 8 
Jacob - Chapter 9 

We tell stories, point out landmarks, 
meet up with long-time friends 
still lucky enough to work at the park, 
year-round as directors, managers, v.p's.
We envy their jobs - where every day is spent in amusement and long for the good old days

Before the less than romantic chapters were written

And someday, when the kids are off on their own, taking their own chances, 
and writing their own stories, 
we plan to buy a little cottage
on the lake 
and live another chapter

Until then, we keep "writing" 
and I remind myself, 
you can go "home" again! 

(Photo found here)

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Bonnie said...

Hi Gail, What a wonderful way to celebrate such fond memories. Thank you for stopping by my blog and the thoughtful get well wishes too. It means a lot to me.