Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Kind of Heaven

 I found heaven on earth yesterday.

And it was in a barn.

In Pennsylvania.  

Three or four barns to be exact.  

Loaded with the most amazing architectural salvage materials you have ever seen!  

The barns are owned by a new friend.  

Someone I met at an auction in a chance encounter.  

I bought something he wanted, so I sold it to him.  

Which started a conversation.

And more encounters at the weekly auction.

Which led to an invitation to shop his barns.  

Which are located in another state.  

Which led to spending the entire day with the other barn girls on a field trip to rival any field trip I've ever been on.

It was the kind of day we dream about.   


(Four women in a truck? Enough said!)  

Amazing hospitality.

(thank you, drew!)

Great friends.

(The barn girls rock!)  

Incredible finds!  

It was definitely my kind of heaven.  

Wondering what just a slice of heaven looks like?  

Come visit me at my next barn show  

- you'll find some of things I found in heaven - and it's all for sale!



LuLu said...

Oh my goodness it sounded completely fantastic!!! My kind of wonderful! See you at the barn show... I'll be there Friday ready so shop :)

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