Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Silk & Burlap

Have you ever watched someone's dreams come true and feel so much joy for them you just want to burst?   

That's exactly how I felt visiting my friends' new shop,

Silk & Burlap

In Frederick, Maryland

Angelique and Saule are Chartreuse and Co., girls who have been creating magic at the barn for the past year and a half.   

They took the next step and opened their own store last month, and to say it is fabulous would be an understatement!  

It's amazing!   

I went to a happy hour to celebrate their grand opening and was so happy for them it made me weep!   
(Yes, I've been doing a lot of that lately, but when you see your friends absolutely glowing with happiness, it's hard not to get emotional!) 

It was so inspiring to see their dream come true because it's also one of mine.  

They're two amazing women! 



Silk & Burlap is:

Light filled

Check it out:    
112 E. Patrick Street
Frederick, MD  

Tell them I sent you!   


Donna said...

Well said! I stopped by this incredibly stylish shop over the weekend and it is beautiful. A truly unique shopping experience! Congrats to Saule and Angelique on their new endeavor.

Anonymous said...

I bet it's awesome! Next time I'm up at one of your sales I'll try to stop by their new shop.


molly susan strong said...

Oooo laa laaaa loverly. And a Gallery Walk this Saturday!!

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