Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hail Mary!

I'm back from vacation.


But sometimes life gets in the way when you'd rather just ride the waves.

We had to come home a day early so my oldest son, a freshman,  could try out for his high school football team.

I'm a nervous wreck about it.
I'm not worried that he'll get hurt.
I come from a football family so the game itself doesn't worry me.   

No, my stomach is in knots because he wants it so badly and this mamma bear doesn't want her cub to be disappointed.

So, I've been praying to any of the football Gods I can think of:  

Knute Rockne
(Did you know he perfected the forward pass while working as a lifeguard at Cedar Point?  But that's another story!)

Woody Hayes
The legendary Ohio State coach!
Go Bucks!

Paul Brown
Famous Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals coach

If you know any others I can pray to please let me know!

My baby wants to make the team and I want him to have all the help he can get!


Anonymous said...

I hope he makes it! Let us know!

Anonymous said...

Sending positive thoughts his way!!


Donna said...

You're a good momma! I'll send him my good wishes and thoughts! Hope he makes the team!!