Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friday Night Lights

My son made the football team!   


He's so happy and I'm so relieved!

Now, back to what I love most (besides my kids)!

My shop!  

Check out this really cool German biergarten table I picked up this weekend: 
It looks great with some industrial stools and would be fabulous for crab feasts, crafting or in the dining room!   

I also have some beautiful antique stained glass windows that look great hanging from chains in front of a window, over a fireplace or propped on a side table:   

I found this fabulous vintage store bread display at last week's auction and think it would be so cool in a mudroom for shoes, on a porch loaded with mums and pumpkins for the fall, or in a really cool industrial style dining room as a wine rack:
But my favorite new  shop item is this turn-of-the-century apothecary chest with Eastlake style hardware and original paint.  
I'd use it as a television console for my flat screen - for a vintage meets modern look:

And I'm off to the auction tomorrow in search of more vintage treasures for my shops at Chartreuse and Co., and The Barn Show

Wish me luck!   

And thanks to all who sent me e-mails or left a comment wishing my son luck with tryouts!   
Including Eddie Ross and Jaithan!   
Yes, seriously, the Eddie and Jaithan!


Anonymous said...

I love the windows - they're beautiful! Where did you find them?

Donna said...

You did good!!! Love the bread display the best!!!

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