Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is Chivalry Dead?

I've had a slow leak in one of my tires for a week or so.
Yesterday I drove to my neighborhood service station to fill it up with air. I pulled up to the air pump, hopped out of the car and got busy taking off the cap and checking the tire's pressure.
That's when I noticed the station's three technicians standing there.
Watching me.
Not one of them offered to help.
They're automobile technicians!
I go to that gas station all of the time!

Sure, I can fill a tire myself, but they work there! I expected one of them, just one, to offer to help.
It surprised me.
It made me sad to think chivalry is dead.
It made me go home and have a conversation with my two sons.
Another life lesson to teach. Another opportunity to teach my boys what would have been the kind, helpful thing to do for a woman.
The chivalrous thing to do.
I hope they listened to me.
Time will tell.


Maisy said...

it weird...i think it is gone..most of the time. i'm not sure if it's actually what men want to do or if it's what us women have been burning our bras for. who know.
i do loooove this topic. much to be discussed.

Anonymous said...

Chivalry won't die as long as we teach our boys how to be a man. And we teach our girls how to be a lady.


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