Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Note About Friends

Today was the second day of my first Chartreuse and Co., barn sale. My partner, Molly, and I are having a great time and are thrilled at the response we've gotten from shoppers to the merchandise we've stocked our space with. I have to admit after two full days, and one to go, it's starting to look cleaned out! (And I'm starting to feel wiped out!!!)

As you know, I've been kicking open all kinds of new doors in my life and in the process I'm starting to see who my true friends are.

My family and I live 325 miles from our nearest relatives. It's not always easy being so far from "home". Many of you know what I mean. We no longer live in the same town as our closest relatives due to military moves, job opportunities, etc. And in the absence of family, you learn to count on friends for support, guidance, and as role models for our children when their aunts, uncles and grandparents live elsewhere.

I'm lucky because I have some very good friends. True friends. The kind of friends who drive two hours in torrential rain to support your dream. The kind of friends who call to wish you luck on a new venture. Friends who even though they can't make it, tell me they're thinking of me. Friends who ask questions, show genuine interest, and share in my joy.

I also find it amazing that I've developed new friendships through this blog with women who share the same dreams. I've been lucky enough to meet a couple of them, like Cassie and LuLu, in person. (In fact, both of them drove great distances to come to the sale this weekend!) We're there to support each other, nudge each other out of our comfort zones and cheer each other from the sidelines.

To the friends who have supported me, (new, old and bloggers) I thank you.
You're the best!


Anonymous said...

You're lucky to have such good friends.

Congratulations on your first Chartreuse show!


LuLu said...

It was wonderful! We stopped and took the children to see UP on the way home and hit Starbucks.... we had a great day. The drive was so worth it!!!

primitive & proper said...

aaaaaawww!!!! it really look fabulous. you should be so proud of yourself. don't you just look back on your year so far and think how far you have come? no matter how far we come though, the dreams just get bigger! i think as much as we accomplish we should aways remember to keep dreaming. with our hopes and aspirations, and the encouragement of our friends, we can do anything! i know that is what we tell our own children, and sometimes we lose that faith in ourselves as we become adults. but that's why god made those friends who offer those friendly nudges and endless "you can do it!"'s. i am so happy for you and wish you continued success.

molly susan strong said...

Oh we made it Gail. I too am so tired and went right into graduation. Take a peek at my blog and see baby Dex. It seemed so surreal!

Love your new pics.


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