Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heavenly Humor

I think God has a sense of humor. Don't you? I tend to be a little bit of a worrier when it comes to my health. (Hang nail? Nope. It must be cuticle cancer.) I don't worry about anything else, I really don't. Economy? It will rebound. The Browns? There's always next year. Rain? It's liquid sunshine.

But with my health, I worry. A lot. (Just ask my husband.) But sometimes I think God puts things in front of you to remind you of how blessed you are. Like this morning. I met someone who faced serious, life threatening health issues. Not just once. Twice. But she survived and is thriving. So I felt like God gave me a little heavenly kick in the ass to get a grip and stop worrying about my insignificant little hang nails.

Meeting someone like that definitely tends to give you a new perspective on things. So, after talking to her I just felt better. You know, breathing a little easier, enjoying the crisp fall air, looking at the big picture a little more clearly kind of thing. And that's when God stepped back in.

Driving down the road a cargo truck pulled right out in front of me. Now, not just any random truck. That happens all the time. This was a big old, white truck with "The Batesville Casket Company" written on the side in enormous green letters!

It cracked me up. Just as I was starting to get comfortable, I felt like was God was saying, "Okay, Kramer. You're fine, quit your useless worrying; but don't get too cozy. Appreciate life and how blessed you are." Life's too short to worry about things out of our control!

Now, my more practical friends would say the only thing that happened today was that I met someone and a truck cut me off. But to me; it was a sign from God.

I love signs.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you for your very uplifting email & welcome to blogging. What a great sense of humor you have, I have a feeling you'll do fine with blogging & get going in no time! Have fun with it, visit a lot of people & before you know it, you'll know everyone out there. And please don't forget to come back & visit me often!


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