Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank You!

Wow! I'm so humbled at the amazing response I have gotten to my little old blog. It's not even 18 hours old and I've already had 12 hits. (Okay, so 10 of them were mine! You gotta start somewhere!) Thank you to everyone (okay, mostly me!) for making it such a huge hit already. I just have a feeling this thing is going to be big!

(Note: I'm hoping my readers appreciate sarcasm!)

My church was having a Red Cross blood drive today so I went to donate this afternoon. The first time I donated blood was when I was a senior in high school (a REALLY, LONG time ago). At the time I was pleased with how effortless it was and how good it made me feel knowing I was helping someone in need of my B+ blood. So, I started to donate a couple of times a year for a long time. Imagine my surprise today when the Red Cross staff member told me the last time I donated was in 1995! I couldn't believe it! Just another example of how "time flies". I'm definitely not going to wait another 13 years to donate again. (By the way, the good feeling came right back!)

So, now I'm wearing a little sticker that says "BE NICE TO ME, I GAVE BLOOD TODAY"! And guess what? It's working. I'm having a great day!