Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wishful Thinking

Sometimes I wonder who I am
anymore because I find
myself doing things
or thinking about things
I never thought I would. 

Like driving a truck.
It's supposed to be my
business vehicle but
it's become my ride of choice. 

I'll often leave my
minivan parked in the 
driveway even for jaunts
around town, just because
I like the feel of my big old
truck so much.

I think it's cool.
I'm sure it's not, but then again
I've never been on the cutting
edge of cool, so I don't care.

Another thing that's
surprising me these days
is the amount of time
I dream about moving
to a farm. 
First off, rest assured
I have absolutely no desire
to actually work a farm,
or even own animals 
or crops - I haven't 
strayed that far
from who I am!
Maybe it's the
bucolic setting I imagine
that's calling my name.

A place where
girls like me are supposed
to drive trucks around
town - where it's the norm,
not the exception.

So, I spend lots of time
perusing farm listings,
looking for just the right
combination of a charming
farm house and an equally
adorable barn
in which to house my
growing business offering
my style of home decor.

Keep in mind, this is all 
a daydream because no one
in my family is even 
remotely interested in 

In fact, when I suggested it to
my family one evening, my youngest,
13, thought he'd summed up the 
problem when he suggested
I "paint, design new window treatments,
order a new couch, and call it a day".

So, instead,
I dream.

this one's only about 45 minutes from
where we live!
look at that porch!
the driveway!
the pasture!



Cassie Bustamante said...

oh do it!!! you can move out here!!!! i am not going to lie- i haven't looked back at all. i don't miss anything except for friends. i love the serenity out here.... everyone is just calmer.

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