Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Big Picture

Sometimes life has a way of
reminding you of what's
really important,
and it's typically not
what you think it is.
I know for certain this week
that it's not the stress I'm
feeling as I prepare for 
both of my barn shows this 
weekend, or the 
inconvenience of losing
my pickup truck to an
unfortunate accident.
They're minor issues
when I look at the big

My friend's husband passed 
away last week, and so I'm reminded
that life is short, and that 
instead of sweating the small stuff, 
I should be happy for it,
because it means my 
life is moving along as I 
want it; happy, healthy 
and blessed.  

Steve was someone I saw
infrequently, around town, 
at an occasional
happy hour, and at 
my Christmas party every year. 

But he was also a big fan
of my barn shows and it was
not uncommon for me to turn around
at some point and see him
standing there, taking it all in,
and then quietly ask questions as to
where I found things, why I buy
what I do, how impressed he was,
etc., etc.

He was also a reader of 
this blog, and would always
comment on a post or two I had
written, and mention
how much he enjoyed
my musical play list. 

It saddens me to no end,thinking 
about my friend, Lori, now a young
widow left to finish raising 
their beautiful daughters 
without him,
and also, selfishly, knowing
there is one less person out there
reading my words and quietly
cheering me on in my 
pursuit of happiness.

Rest in peace, Steve.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

gail i am so sorry for your loss. he sounds like an amazing man and supporter.
i have had so much going on this past year that i have reflected on my life, too and am making some changes and it feels good. it's just sad that it sometimes takes things happening to get us to that point. sorry i totally just went off on a tangent.

Lulu and Co. said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss. Thinking of all who he left behind is so hard. He sounded wonderful and i know how that kind of support is so wonderful to have in your life as you follow your dreams of vintaging.
For the past month in a half I've been holding the hand of a very dear friend as she endures her battle with breast cancer in both breast at the age of 36.... i still can't believe it....i will forever remember the day she sat in my kitchen sharing a latte with me telling me she just found a lump...we both never would have thought a month and a half later we would be getting her through her surgery last week and now the road a head....
wishing you peace and joy this holiday season, and i hope 2012 brings me shopping into your neck of the woods!!!!

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