Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Message from Heaven?

By now you've heard about
the earthquake that hit
the east coast today, right?

We definitely felt it
here in Maryland
and this is the only
damage we had.

It's one of my favorite 
photos of my dad doing what he 
loved; the color guard
with the American Legion Unit 
he belonged to. 

What's actually funny about this
is for the first time
since he died eight years ago
I forgot
the anniversary of his death,
which was two days ago.

Do you think he was trying 
to tell me something!!??

Subtle, Dad, real subtle!  

point taken 

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Cassie Bustamante said...

whenever i make any major life changes, i tend to bring natural disasters.... isabel two days before i was married in annapolis... katrina 2 weeks after sawyer was born when we lived in louisiana... ivan also caused us some grief on our one year anniversary trip we had planned. and now i just moved out and eaarthquake and irene may be heading here... so i take the blame

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