Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here We Go!

I'm not one of those
moms that celebrate when
their kids go back to school.

I love having my kids
home with me and mourn
the return to 
alarm clocks, lunches,
homework, practice schedules
and carpools.

If I was more disciplined 
I'd actually
home school my kids so
our schedules would be 
more free form.

But I don't have the personality
for that and my kids
don't have the personalities to
stay home with me all day.
(Which is a nice way of saying we'd kill each other!)
They're much too social for that.
They need their peeps.
(And I need a quiet house every now and then!) 

So in between sourcing 
new products for my shops,
hitting the road for
the bigger pieces,
supervising homework,
driving carpool,
and working my "real" jobs
things are going to get 
even crazier around here!

Whew, I need a few more
weeks of summer... 

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