Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Me!

As you know, I bought a truck a few weeks ago for my business, 
The Kramer Angle
Now if you see a green Silverado on the road you'll know it's me!   
My new vanity plates came today and I'm loving them!  


Emily said...

too cute!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Enjoy the truck and the cool new plates! What fun.

Donna said...

That's so cool! Love it! That's a great pic of you :-) I like the "official photographer" title. Thanks :-) See ya soon. I will be at the barn Thursday...lots to do, I have not been there since the week before Christmas...aggghh!

The Vintage Barn said...

Love that truck! See ya soon, Nancy

mamamac21 said...

Hey Gail, Pam, and Maria,

Recovering from my knee surgery, started rehab today and told the PT I will have to be ready to shop by April Fools Day.

Kathy McCurdy


Please watch over my pie safe.
See ya soon.