Monday, January 3, 2011


Ugh, it's already January 3rd.

I guess that means it's time for me to make my New Year's resolutions, right?

Okay, so here goes:

I resolve to:

Eat healthier
(A six pack of Nuggets vs. the usual 12)

Exercise more
(Define more)

Pray more
(For important things - not great auctions)

Clean the house more
(Dust balls never killed anyone)
(Just sayin')

Cook more 
(Looks like I'm back to the 12 pack of Nuggets - it's heating more)

Drink more
(Seriously.   Wine is good for you!)

Read more
(Steinbeck can wait.   The January Southern Living is out!)

Spend more time with my friends
(I'll bring the wine and nuggets!)

Wonder more
(Who started the whole resolution thing!)
(I wonder what other resolutions I should have!)

What about you?
What have you resolved to do in 2011?