Friday, July 2, 2010

The Home Stretch

My oldest son called from camp last night.

When I heard his voice I started to tear up.

I've missed him so much!   

I was emotional not because he's been gone too long, but because he sounded so amazingly happy!  

He's having a great time!

He's challenging himself.  
(It's a Boy Scout program run by the Navy Seals!)

He's absolutely loving it.  

The excitement in his voice made me cry!

And that brings me joy!

But, my heart is anxious about my younger son.   

We haven't heard from him.

His camp has a strict no calls home rule.

It's designed to reduce the chance of homesickness.

His troop does have a blog though and the leaders post snippets and photos every night.

He's been in several and I've studied them intently.

Looking at his facial expression captured at the moment trying to read how he's doing.

And I can't tell.

There's a slight smile, but is it a smirk, or a brave face he's putting on?

You'd think I'd know.

He's my baby!

Then there's the letter home I got in the mail yesterday.

I saw it in the mailbox and my heart leapt!

My youngest is a writer and has a way with words beyond his years.

He pens stories and creates jokes that are downright funny!  

So when I pulled the letter out of the envelope I just knew it would be a detailed chronicle of his time spent at camp, an interesting tale woven with adventure, achievements and silly stories.

But it wasn't.  

The pages were blank.

As in nothing.

Not a single. stinking. word!   

What does that mean?   

Does the blankness summarize his thoughts on the camp?

There's nothing to say?

Or is it the jokester in him having some fun with me?  

So, I go back to the blog.  

And search his face again.

Comforted in the thought that we're in the homestretch.

The kids will be home tomorrow....
Hmm, what do you think?
Does this sweet boy look happy?