Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 2: Hmmm

I'm wrapping up day two of "My kids are at camp!" euphoria  with a little less enthusiasm than I started the day with.

Sure, I'm having a great time doing whatever I feel like and have already packed in some of favorite things:

A Sunday afternoon antique auction
Hunting for treasures in a dealer friend's garage
Hitting T.J. Maxx and Tuesday Morning without the kids
Napping during this afternoon's thunderstorm
(Definitely blissful!)  
Rearranging my living room (again)!   

But even without my stinkerdoodles here the mama bear in me keeps whispering to me.  

I hope the boys:

Slept well
Remembered to brush their teeth
Were safe in the storms that swept up the east coast
Are having a great time
Aren't homesick
but, maybe, they 
missed their mama just a teensy tiny bit!?   

I'm hoping day three will bring a little less worry.
I do however,  know it's going to bring:
breakfast with the barn girls
an afternoon auction in the country
And an evening curled up with three new decorating magazines that arrived in today's mail!

Hmm.......until then, 
Do you think they remembered to say their prayers?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your kids are having a great time. Have fun!

junkermidge said...

Of course they remembered to say their prayers! I'm sure you've taught them well and I bet they're
having a great time. Hoping the same for you.