Saturday, May 1, 2010

Three of my best friends have been out of the country this week.

They went off to Quebec with their 8th grade sons for six days.  

And left me here.  


Without my peeps.  

We usually get together every weekend with our families.

To share a meal, catch up on each other's lives, and drink some wine.  
(The cheap pink kind for me, thank you very much!)

So, I'm missing them.

And looking forward to their return.

So I can hear all about their trip.  

And reconnect.  

I need them because it's been an emotional week.

I have the barn girl blues.  

(Happens after every show!)

My oldest son turned 14!  

(How did that happen so soon?   He'll be off to college in FOUR years!)

People have let me down.  

(Oh, why do we let it get to us?)  

So, I need my peeps.

To raise me up.  

And tell me it's okay.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feeling blue!

LuLu said...

sending you a hang in there!!! and oodles of hugs,
p.s. my mirror from the Barn looks so good in my bathroom!!!!

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