Monday, May 24, 2010

Post Lucketts Analysis!

Yes, the Luckett's Spring Show was absolutely fabulous and I do believe Chartreuse and Company totally rocked it, but for me, it was much more than whether I sold everything I brought.  
(Pretty dang close, and then some, though, in case you were wondering!)
  It was actually much bigger than that.   

To most of you reading this post, it will mean nothing, but to my peeps at Chartreuse, I hope it will mean something:  

In many ways this has been the happiest year of my life because it has also been the most personally fulfilling.  
I spent last Thursday through Sunday with the most amazing group of women (and a few dudes) I've ever met.    

 In addition to being blessed with a supportive  husband (mostly!) and great kids (mostly!),  I'm out there literally living my dream (which keeps getting bigger and bigger every day) and each and every one of the group from Chartreuse has touched my life the past year.   

They're all of the following and so much more:  


(Meet them once and you'll know what I mean!)


(8 months pregnant and still on her feet 12 hours later inspirational!)


(They can turn trash to treasure in a blink of an eye!)  


(No jealousy here!) 


(Of the pee your pants, laugh out loud, hysterical kind of funny!)


(They've taught me to value what I do)


(There are definitely easier ways to make a living!)


(Emotionally and physically!)


(You can't dumpster dive without it!)


(They actually help you succeed!)


Truth be told, the most annoying, obnoxious group of people I've ever met!  
(Lest they start to think they're "all that"!)  

And even though they sell the most  "embarrassingly stupid"  stuff I've ever seen, it
brings me great joy to be associated with each and every one of them.   

So, thank you to the Chartreuse girls (and dudes) for one amazing weekend!   


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're a lucky girl!


Lindsay said...

Nailed it on the head!

Cassie Bustamante said...

you gals are truly an inspiration- living the dream! i admire you, gail. you are so full of life and always have something nice to say- if i was an aura reader, i would say you have a nice warm glow around you thar radiates light and warmth to all who come near you. :)

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