Monday, April 27, 2009

Craig's List, Part 2

Well this was supposed to be a really great post showing off the Lane Venture outdoor wicker furniture I got on Craig's List for a song (and I mean, a really great song, like a Rogers and Hammerstein, sing out loud, Oklahoma! kind of song) it was that cheap.

It all started out so innocently. I've been searching Craig's List for weeks for all weather wicker for my patio and knew exactly what I wanted. Earlier in the week I found a set that looked promising and drove 40 minutes to check it out. But once I sat in it I knew it was just wrong. It just wasn't comfortable. I'd like to say the chairs were just too big for my teeny tiny self, but I'd be lying. The truth of the matter is I was just too big for the furniture, it was just too tiny. Too tiny in a looks good, but don't touch it kind of way. And I didn't want to just look at it, I had visions of whiling away my summer afternoons reading decorating magazines on it, with an icy cold Diet Coke at my side. It just didn't fit into my vision so I was back to square one.

And then after my 10th search for "outdoor wicker" on Craig's List Saturday (you have to be ready to pounce) my dream set, by Lane Venture turned up. It was in excellent shape; all white, curvy, with a soft cushion and beautiful. (Sorta how I'd like to be!) Anyway, I called the number associated with the ad, spoke to a lovely woman who told me I was the first caller and I promptly scheduled an appointment to go see it for the next day. The price was fantastic ($225 for a sofa, two chairs, a coffee table and two side tables) so I knew that unless it was vastly different in person than the photos showed I was going to buy it. So I told the woman I would buy it.

I went to sleep filled with excitement thinking about how I was going to set it up on the patio. The next morning I woke up, whistling Dixie knowing it was going to be a great day. And then the phone rang. It was Donna, the seller calling to tell me that she was just "Oh so sorry, but someone else had bought the set." I couldn't believe my ears and pointed out I was the first caller! I had an appointment! I was trustworthy! I was coming to get the set. I had already taken out the seats in the van for GOD'S SAKE!!!

She went on to explain another buyer had called the night before (after me) and asked if they took Paypal and then asked what their Paypal seller address was and she gave it to him. SHE GAVE IT TO HIM!!!!! When she and her husband woke up in the morning "it was just paid for" on Paypal and there wasn't anything she could do. Just like that!!!????? Hmm, something in me just wants to raise the bulls@%t flag. (Can you tell I'm still mad?)

Can you believe that? What kind of snarky thing is that? I could not get over it. I told her "it was just so wrong, I would have paid her with Paypal had I known, we had an agreement, did she have any idea how hard it is to take out the middle seats on the van?" At that point she just said she was just "so sorry" and hung up.

I spent the rest of the day going over the story with my kids and trying to take comfort in the fact that even though I didn't get the set, it was an opportunity for me to teach them a life lesson about being true to your word, personal integrity, trust and blah, blah, blah, blah. I still can't believe I didn't get that set..........


Cassie Bustamante said...

i HATE when that happens!!!! that is why i always hold things for people until their appointment. remind me one day to tell you the story of an irate customer who was furious with me because i would not sell her something as i already had an appointment on it. there should be a set of standard courtesy craiglsist rules!

Queen B. said...

oooooooooo darn ! I'm sorry !!

Queen B. said...

sign up for freecyle.org.
You get stuff....FOR FREE !!!!! People who don't want stuff, just list it in the area...kinda like crags list...but its all 'free' !

Unknown said...

That was a stinky thing for her to do. On her defense, well I feel bad for even saying this , but i have had people say they want it and they are coming over the next day and so i hold it for them and they never come. . It happened to my mom 3 times. It is those peoples fault that have ruined it for honest people. Unfortunatley it happened to you who had every intention on buying it. I am sorry. mishelle

Ryan said...

I hate that. I'm sorry. I agree with the first comment. There should be courtesy rules. At the very least she should have contacted you and let you know what was going on.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

That is awful!! I would be ticked too!! Not to worry, something else will show up!! Take it easy, Chrissy

LuLu said...

I'm frustrated with people today too! One of my vendors backed out blaming me that I didn't confirm with her.. and even left her a voice mail... total lie... i'm shocked she would be so bold.. I have an email saved I confirmed with her and I never called the lady! I'm letting it go... no loss to me she is not someone I want to do business with! sorry about your craisglist story!

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Oh I would have been oh so mad! Some people have no manners. I hope you find another set.

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Oh I would have been oh so mad! Some people have no manners. I hope you find another set.

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you, but that is how things work on Craig's list, and everyone knows if you want to secure your item, you have to be the first to pay, not the first to call! Sounds to me like Donna just wanted to unload the furniture, and the person who paid with pay pal was the smartest!
Jewish Princess

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