Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Post Barn Sale Blues

The day after the barn sale I woke up in a total funk. It was like the day after Christmas only New Year's Eve isn't right around the corner.

I felt so sad and depressed. It certainly wasn't because of our sales though. We actually had the most successful spring show ever! Going into it I really had no feel for how well I would do, but I'm actually thrilled with how much I sold, so my depression isn't monetarily related.

I had been riding such a wave of excitement ever since I joined the group a few months ago and started preparing for my first show. But Monday morning I just crashed. Fatigue was definitely a factor. The three day sale was exhausting and I was going on pure adrenaline.

I guess I just have the post barn sale blues.... What am I going to do now? It's five months until our next sale.......

(I promise I'll have photos up as soon as possible! I'm just waiting to get them from another one of the barn girls!)


Maisy said...

girl, just sit back, put your feet up and think about the progress you have made over the last 8 months. that will make you feel better. i know your progress makes me feel better!
happy to have you back!

LuLu said...

I have the barn blues too cause I have to wait 5 months! :) I am so so glad to hear it was a success I was blown away really. i keep thinking of all I didn't see! you guys were sure busy when I left... very excited for you!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I am so sure that you were exhausted. I know that after-Christmas funk usually comes from exhaustion as well as the let down after all of the anticipation. So glad you had a good sale, and I hope you've gotten some rest. laurie

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