Thursday, January 17, 2019

New Year, New Doors?

Looking for a new 
door to open this year
and I know it's waiting for me. 
Stay tuned.


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I have planned about some resolutions this New Year. Usually I don’t do it every year because I know I won’t do it. But this year I really want to change my life style. I mean I want to improve my life style. My first resolution is to do my best for keeping my heart and soul energetic. I guess if I could do it well, everything will become perfect naturally. I want to share a secret thought of mine with you all. Our realization process can be said as a huge funnel. When our energy moves to high level, it expands. This continues until, finally leads to self realization. When energy goes down, it shrinks and leads to lack of self confidence. This part will destroy your heart and soul. The upper part of the funnel is filled with joy and happiness. I want to keep my energy upwards so that I can be happy all the time. My second decision is to be more kind and loyal towards every one. I want to control my anger. I want to be someone who gives positive vibe to everyone. I know some people who are extremely sweet and I wonder how they can be like this. It’s not like I feel I am a devil. But my mood swings. I am not able to be sweet all the time. But I want to overcome it. I think the most genuine expression of being good is kindness and care. I am caring but I don’t express it. But now, I don’t want to hide it anymore. The next resolution by me is to make use of every talent inside me. Thus I want to get better at it. Also I want to be bad in spending time with news and social media. I hope I will succeed.

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