Monday, July 11, 2011

A New Perspective

Lots of people have asked me 
why my business is called 
"The Kramer Angle"

When I first started 
decorating rooms I always had to put 
some of the furniture on an angle

Furniture smashed up against walls 
lining the room feels too predictable

Not to mention, safe, boring and uninspired!

Angle the couch, the rug or the table 
and suddenly the room takes 
on a little more life!

It's a different perspective!

A unique look!

My last name is Kramer, so when my friends  
 asked me to decorate 
their homes they wanted me to create 
"The Kramer Angle"

And so it was a natural choice for me
to use my signature look 
to name my business! 

I stock my shops with furniture, accessories, 
and unique home decor that reflect my 
personality, my design aesthetic, 
pieces I'd put in my own home

It's my angle

And as I approach a milestone birthday this month
I thought it was time to reinvent my look a little

So, I'm starting with my website

A whole new design!  
A new angle!
A fresh start!

It's going to be fun working with
the team at 
Smitten Blog Design
to develop my new look!

Stay tuned!

- Gail -