Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Company Man

I spent four days in Brimfield, MA at the spring antique market searching for a truck load of the coolest stuff I could find for my shop, The Kramer Angle, and I definitely accomplished my goal.
But while I was there, I called home one night to see how things were going on the home front.  

My husband is an airline pilot, so our kids have lived their entire lives with the cycle of his home/gone schedule,  but I'm rarely away from home without them.  
So, I asked Shane, my 15 year old, how things were going and this was his response:

"Well, let's just say
Dad runs "the company"
differently than you do!"  

He didn't elaborate and changed the subject.

At the time his diplomacy cracked me up, because I was sure he was really saying things weren't as good as when I'm home.

But later, I found myself pondering the question, wondering who he thinks manages the family better.  

I decided it was a question best left unasked!  

For my "mama bear" ego's sake!    




Anonymous said...

The kid's a born politician!

Donna said...

Soo funny! Definitley a politician in the making!