Saturday, April 9, 2011

Barned Out?

My life has been one barn show 
after another for the past six months.  
Three Barn Show sales
Eight Chartreuse and Co. sales

It's been fabulous, but I fear I've lost my mojo.
I'm barned out. 


I've lost that creative feeling.
It's a problem.

My Chartreuse sale is next weekend, 

April 15th - 17th.

I need some inspiration!   
Where should I look?  

Who should I talk to?

Ugh, I wish it were that easy.

Suggestions appreciated.........................



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

you need to come to wine & design! wine always fosters creativity. :)
have you seen the latest issue of lonny? check it out- the homes were amazing. maybe it will inspire you.

molly susan strong said...

Thanks for coming by my little joint Gail. lonny is so great...blogged about it awhile back.

you always got it girlie!

Donna said...

You!? Lost your mojo? NEVER! You always come through with awesome finds and one of the best spaces in the barn. Grab a glass of wine and all those back issues of decorating magazines...inspiration will arrive. It was nice seeing you today. See ya Thursday!

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