Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Lessons

My oldest son, Shane, 14, is amazing!

He loves baseball 
and has been playing 
since he was five years old.

He tried out for the high school team 
and survived the first round of cuts last week.

On that day we gave a ride home 
to one of his friends 
who didn't make it past that first round. 
I was struck by Shane's sensitivity 
to his friend's plight.   
His words were careful, sympathetic, 
and sorrowful for Ben, 
because he knew how much 
he wanted to make the team.
He felt his friend's pain.   

Only after we dropped Ben off 
did he let his own joy 
at surviving the first round 
of cuts come out.   
He was elated and so 
 optimistic at his chances 
of making the team!  

I was so impressed with Shane's 
self-control and unwillingness 
to share his own excitement 
in front of his friend 
for fearing of causing more pain.  

Those moments in the car 
showed me so much about who my son is.  
Strong, supportive, empathetic, 
modest and kind.

Character traits 
that will serve him well in life, 
long after his baseball playing 
days are over.

Which came much sooner 
than he had hoped.

Final cuts came today.

Shane didn't make the team.

He took the news stoically, 
shook the coaches hands 
and thanked them for the opportunity.

I was waiting for him in the high school 
parking lot and watched him 
walk toward the car with his head held high.  
And I couldn't be prouder of him
or more sure of the fact that my son, 
is a winner, where it matters most.  

In life.


CourtneyP said...

Such a nice story from a mom with two little baseball guys of my own.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he has a good head on him!


Donna said...

Awesome! I guess his momma taught him well! Good job!

Low Tide High Style said...

Your son sounds like a wonderful mature, kind, and compassionate young man. It's times like this that you know all of your hard work as a parent has paid off! I'm sure he will go far in life.

Kat :)

Tardevil said...

Great post, Gail! How could you not be proud of that?!!! Good luck w/ the sale. Wish I could be there to shop! ;)