Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dream Girl

I'm a big dreamer.

Not in the world peace, big thinker kind of way.
(Although that would be nice!)

No, admittedly my dreams are much less intellectual than that!

Sometimes I dream about people that are on my mind
(Maybe you?)


situations I'm fretting about 
(Like how can I possibly get everything done.  
 An anxiety dream I guess.)

But lately I've been dreaming about "stuff"

"Stuff" in terms of inventory for my business.

I keep dreaming I've stumbled upon out of the way places loaded with the most amazing antiques, architectural salvage, galvanized tables with big industrial wheels, vintage store fixtures or the coolest props I've ever seen.

And it's all free!

They're happy dreams that keep me giddy while I sleep.

I wake up excited, thinking of the display possibilities, marveling at my amazing luck, imagining about my customers' reactions to my great finds, wondering how I'll get my new-found cache home!  

And then, reality sets in.

Oh, it was just a dream!   

It wasn't real!

I still need to get out there and find great stuff!?  

But it's okay, because I'm energized and ready for the challenge!

So, I'm off to find the goods!

Today, in fact!

I'm flying off on my very first official, out of state, treasure hunt to a far-away place where 2,500 dealers will be selling their goods.   

I can't wait!

At last, a dream come true!

(I'll keep you posted!)   


Christine@Sally,Ry,andLaLa said...

So exciting! I can't wait to see what you bring back!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear about what you find.

Will it be at the barn or Chartreuse?

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