Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Luck

I went to the auction today.   

It was hot.

I was tired.

I was desperate.

I have two barn shows coming up and I'm looking for some inspiration.  

Something fabulous to build a theme on.   

I usually find it at the auction.

Not today.

It was an absolute bust.   

The selection was weak and what I did bid on, I was promptly outbid on.  

It was the first time I've ever come home from an auction empty handed.

And cranky.....



Cassie Bustamante said...

ah what a bummer! i should be there next week with you, at least until 12:30 when i will have to leave so i can get emmy from school.
did you get an email from me or katherine? we tried to send you pics..... she has tons of white dressers right now that she needs to sell and they are all ready to go! you could do my favorite theme at the moment.... white and platinum gray! and you could add pops of red and orange to bring in fall.

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