Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Too Much Testosterone!

I live in a house full of testosterone!  

Husband, two boys, 13 and 11

And lately I've been feeling alone

Now, don't get me wrong

I love them all and wouldn't trade my boys for girls ever

But sometimes

Like when I find airsoft pellets in the stove burners

Or Nerf gun darts behind the couch

And sweaty jockstraps strewn on the laundry room floor

I get a little crazy

They just think so differently than I do

They don't get me

They tolerate me

But they don't understand

My obsessive need to rearrange the furniture

("It's fine the way it is!")

My giddiness over new dupioni silk window treatments

("We like mini-blinds better!")

How I can spend hours reading your blogs

(Seriously mom?  You don't even know them!  Man vs. Wild is on tv!)

Which is exactly why I love the blog world

It lets me connect

With my own species

And a girl needs that every now and then