Saturday, January 9, 2010

Well, That Didn't Work

Well I went to the auction on Wednesday to try to get inspired.

To get out of my creative slump.

To find joy in the "junque"!

I spent five hours standing out in the freezing cold bidding on things for my shop at Chartreuse and the barn.

The pickings were slim, but there were a few fabulous things I had to bid on.

And so did my arch nemesis!

Oh, yeah, he was there...as always.....

The one with the oh, so fabulous shop, in a trendy part of D.C.
The one with the really super cool, one of a kind beautiful pieces I love so much.

He was bidding on the same things I was!
As usual.

Like the garden table with the scalloped base and smooth, time worn, beautiful wood top.

Winning bid: $475.

Guess who won?

Nope, not me.

Or the super cool old safe that weighed a ton but would have made a really cool one of a kind coffee table?


Nope, not me.

Or how about the industrial steel side table that just screamed Restoration Hardware?


Nope, not me.

My pockets aren't as deep as his!

But I did get a really great french country panel mirror.


An old wooden box spring that will look fabulous as a display for jewelry in the shop.


A super cute industrial wagon that will be adorable loaded with pansies in the spring.

The other thing I didn't get was pictures!

My hands were too cold to carry a camera!


Cassie Bustamante said...

oh, i am so sorry that guy burned you! i will be there the last week of january if you need a warm body to huddle with and someone else to cast dirty glances in his direction!

Anonymous said...

There's always one at every auction that wants the same things. Sorry you missed out on some treasures!

Donna said...

Well, not the best day at the auction but at least you came home with a few goodies!! Can't wait to see 'em!!

molly susan strong said...

You always manage to bring it friend. See you Thursday!

Anonymous said...

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stacy di said...

boo! I hate being in a creative slump. It really sucks!...hope the auction brought you out of it a little bit...even though your nemesis outbid you!

ps...have I wished you a happy new year yet?? if not, happy new year!