Thursday, November 19, 2009

Leo's Birthday

Today would have been my dad's 75th birthday.

He passed away too soon, six years ago.
And I still miss him.

My sons were seven and five when he died and
I worry that their memories of him are fading.

So, I talk about him, alot.
To remind them of who their grandfather was:

The baby of the family (like me)
Tall! 6'4"
That he cried at commercials.
And when he watched "Brian's Song" and "Something for Joey" he bawled like a baby!
He was a big man, with a soft heart.

He was a star baseball and basketball player.
Who refused to coach until his own sons were out of little league.
Because fathers should cheer instead of coach their kids.
He coached countless other kids for over 20 years.
More than a few of which told me he was the best coach they ever had.

Everyone knew him!
He cared little for possessions,
Was a veteran of the Korean War.
And was proud of his Irish heritage.

He was not without faults!
(There were many!)

He hated all of my boyfriends except one.
And that one became my husband.
He loved him!
He loved my children!
And he loved me!

So I keep his memory alive with my children!
But, still, I miss him.

(Photo of my dad, Leo Meenachan and I, 2002)
More memories of my dad here.


Anonymous said...


primitive & proper said...

he sounds like a wonderful man and father. and it sounds like your memories of him are strong enough to keep passing them onto your kids so they will never forget. my grampa died when i was 9, at the early age of 59. my memories of him are still there, for what it's worth. and i still know the sound of his voice.

stacy di said...

how sweet...and sad...

I still remember my grandfather...and I was 5 when he died. My mom kept his memory alive...I'm sure you will too with your kids!

LuLu said...

Beautiful post about your Dad! You are a testimony to his life!

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving missed you at chantilly