Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Just Not Me

Yesterday morning, I set out all by myself, excited to go to an annual antiques market in the rolling, country side of northern Virginia. I had never been to the show before and was excited to shop a new venue because I'm gearing up for both of my barn sales this month and need some pieces to fill in what I already have. So I set out looking for things that appeal to me.

I didn't have a plan for what I was looking for - I never do. I guess it's the auction girl in me; you just never know what you'll find so you can't go intent on finding something in particular.

Well the antique market was down a gravel road, in a beautiful field, and surrounded by mature oak trees. As soon as I drove in, and took in the scene, my heart started racing because I was so excited to embark on the hunt. Once the gates opened, I ran in and beelined it to a tent that looked promising. And that's when the disappointment set in. The prices were outrageous! Sky-high, ridiculous! But that didn't deter me, I just moved on to the next row of tents, but quickly discovered the prices were the same.

I'm not kidding when I tell you a small painted step stool was $125. A gilded mirror was $6,000. A feedsack covered chair was $1,250!!! A gilded birdcage was $7,500!! Don't get me wrong, there were absolutely beautiful things there. Fine, heirloom quality antiques. The kind of pieces you see in museums and homes like the DuPont mansion.

It's just not me. Maybe I like my "antiques" like I like my friends. A little less pedigreed, chippy, time-worn, but still full of life, well loved and with a deep soul that speaks to me. Nothing spoke to me yesterday. It was all spit and polished. Beautiful condition. Gleaming like they've never seen the inside of a real home. Because the stuff inside "real" homes, at least in my world, gets used, loved and treasured.

What I saw yesterday was only what you look at. Not to be touched. How can you love something like that?

Take me to a junk sale, flea market or country auction. That's where I feel at home.


Tardevil said...

I'm with you. Part of the fun is in finding a D-E-A-L! But, I have to say that I'm not really surprised in Northern VA. I bet the ride was pretty though. Hope you're doing well, and good luck w/ you barn sales!

Maisy said...

I would have felt the exact same way. Wonderful to look at just not what I'm interested in buying. Did you see anyone else purchasing things?
Be sure to post some photos of your lovely items at the upcoming barn sales.
Good luck. I'm cheering you on!!!

Shay said...

It is no fun when that happens.Give a junk sale anytime over a high priced fancy estate sale.
Better hunting in the future.

LuLu said...

That kinda happened to me too this weekend, went to an auction and the prices went sky high... I came home with 2 things that I somehow squeezed out of them when the crazy bidders were taking a break!
it's not fun when it's like that!
I have my calendar marked! I'll be there to support you and of course shop! :)

McMaster & Storm said...

eeeeek! ouch no fun!

Erin said...

how disappointing! it really makes you wonder...Hugs, Erin P.S. I'm having a give away to celebrate 2 years of blogging.

Kasey said...

hey...just wanted to say hello and i will be on the lookout for you next weekend.