Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Opening Doors

Life is funny.

It has it's own schedule.

I didn't walk through a new door for a really long time.

And now I'm cracking open another one, taking a peek inside.

Should I close it, walk quietly away, or burst through to the other side?

How do you decide?


Maisy said...

crash through!! don't think about it..just do it. now if i could only follow my own advice.

Anonymous said...

At least doors aren't being slammed in your face! LOL! Go through it, girl!

LuLu said...

Let me know! but I say if it's opening you should go for it!!! It's getting the door to open in the first place that is tricky!!! once it's open thats a sign for good things! {I want an open door} :) I'm still on the other side looking for which door!

Unknown said...

i need to know more.

why 'wouldn't' you go through it?


Erin said...

what do you have to lose!? can't wait to hear more~ Erin